Christmas Spirit Done Cedar Style

Does anyone know who decorated this cedar tree located in a bluff along Fox Creek Road just west of Santa's Magical Kingdom in Eureka?

Suddenly, one day this week — when we actually had sun — something glitzening caught my eye when driving through the first set of tall, rock bluffs on Fox Creek Road heading toward Allenton intersection on the most-western part of town.

Surprisingly, it was a lone, wild cedar tree all decked out in Christmas style with patriotic ornaments and tinsel. It is not part of the decorations, however. In fact, it isn't even growing next to the set of bluffs closest to the kingdom property.

How can one pass a decorated tree growing in the wild without smiling?

Does anyone want to admit to decorating it? Or volunteer who did? We'd like to thank whoever did, as it brings enjoyment with each time going passed it.


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