Best Gas Prices: September 6

Check out today's lowest gas prices in Eureka and Wildwood.

The average gas price around the greater St. Louis metropolitan area today is $3.48 per gallon. The cheapest gas prices in our local area can be found for $3.32 per gallon in Wildwood and $3.33 in Eureka.

The following are the most current, per gallon gas prices, based on StLouisGasPrices.com.

  • : 16509 Manchester Rd. and Missouri Route 100, Wildwood - $3.32
  • : 2401 Highway 109 near Missouri Route 100, Wildwood - $3.32
  • : 2400 Highway 109 near Missouri Route 100, Wildwood - $3.32 
  • : 18181 Old Highway 66 and Interstate 44, Eureka - $3.33 
  • : 309 W. 5th St. and Orchard Lane, Eureka - $3.33
  • : 100 Old Towne Rd. and Central Ave., Eureka - $3.33

Please return to Eureka-Wildwood Patch on Friday morning for another update about the lowest gas prices in the area.


James Horak September 08, 2011 at 12:50 AM
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